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Throwing Caps


Founded in 1960 by:

Robert C. Hall          

Marvin Belknap

Frank Gustafson     

Walter Webber      

Mrs. Walter McBurney   

Mrs. Howard Blancher


For many years the committee worked through Fife High School . Each year a contribution drive was held and moneys were collected through the counseling office. In 1992, the District's state audit required the high school to discontinue their direct responsibility of the scholarship program and fundraising. At that time the Fife High School Scholarship Foundation was organized.


Fife High School Scholarship Foundation:

The Foundation Board of Directors is currently made up of volunteer community members with Paige Carroll , Principal of Fife High School, as an advisory member. It has been a policy to invite one or two student representatives, members of the high school staff, and District Administration Personnel to attend our meetings. 


The Board usually meets once a month during the school year. We have several fundraisers and solicit business, school district staff, and community contributions. Much of our money comes from memorial contributions.


Each spring an Honor Graduate banquet is held at Fife High School where a dinner is prepared and served by District food service staff. The banquet expenses are covered by tickets sold prior to the banquet. The banquet is held to honor FHS "honor graduates." The graduates and their family friends, community members, and district staff are invited.


The awarding of scholarships is a separate activity from the banquet. Applications are submitted and reviewed by a committee made up of several members of the high school staff and scholarship foundation. The names of recipients are announced during many year end events including the Honor Graduate Banquet and Graduation.


The actual money is sent to the university or school after the recipient has sent documents to the Foundation showing successful completion of one quarter/semester and enrollment for the next.


Primary Objective:

The purpose of the Scholarship Foundation is to provide financial support for graduating seniors who want to continue their education beyond High school.  The only requirement we have is that the applicants are Senior’s graduating from Fife High School and that they complete an online application and submit required documents such as essays, recommendation letters, etc. by the April deadline.

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