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 Fife High School Scholarship Recipients


Ready to Claim Your Scholarship??


We are excited to provide you with an online system for claiming your Scholarships!!

Here is a reminder on how to claim your Scholarship...


Please have all this information available before beginning the online process.


1) You MUST have completed your 1st Quarter/Semester of College

2) You MUST be enrolled in your 2nd Quarter/Semester of College

3) You need to send proof of #1 and #2 to the Scholarship Foundation

  • Make Sure All Forms You Send Show Your Name and Student ID - Forms without Student Name will delay the processing of your scholarship funds 

  • For you completed quarter/semester you can send a print out of your grades, an official or unofficial transcript from your school. 

  • And for the current quarter/semester you can send a printout of the classes you are enrolled in.

4) Along with proof of completion and enrollment please include:

    Your Name:

    Your Student ID:

    Name of School Attending:

    Address* where Scholarship Funds are to be Mailed at your School.

        *It is important you verify the address information with your school, incorrect addresses will delay the processing of your scholarship funds. 

        Please note we are unable to send funds directly to you, they must be paid to your school and placed on your student account for your use.


You can Claim Your Scholarship using our Online Form

If you have questions about a claiming your scholarship or about a claim you submitted please contact

us at 

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