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Minimum Award $1,000
Number of Awards 5


Anita was a dedicated community and Fife School District parent volunteer, someone with integrity and compassion. She was a committed mom to Alec and wife to Ron. Anita brought her incredible talent of organization to each team she worked with and dedicated countless hours to the parent groups and Discovery, Endeavour, and Surprise Lake.  Anita helped each organization navigate to successful walk-a-thons, book fairs and bingo nights. Anita's positivity was infectious, and her legacy of service will continue for years to come.

  • Applicants must be a senior graduating from Fife High School.  

  • Applicants must fit ONE of the following criteria

    • Pursuing an education in a legal profession, or

    • Show a serving heart through volunteering, or

    • Be adopted and/or from a single parent home

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